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The Pathway is a group and platform of musicians founded in 2008 led by composer Shinuh Lee, featuring new projects exploring fundamental questions about the origins and nature of human existence and life. Major projects include Comfort, comfort my people(2008), The Christmas Letters(2009), Earth and Heaven(2013), which have been performed in the US and Europe including New York Carnegie Hall and The Wiener Musikverein, as well as Kumho Art Hall and other venues in Korea. In 2020, The Pathway was re-directed with Korean-British pianist Eun-E Goh and is currently working on the projects in Seoul and London.

The Pathway는 작곡가 이신우를 중심으로 2008년에 창단한 음악인의 모임이자 플랫폼으로, 인간 존재와 삶의 근원적 질문들에 대해 다루는 신작들을 프로젝트 형태로 무대에 올리고 있다. 주요 프로젝트로는 Comfort, comfort my people(2008), The Christmas Letters(2009), Earth and Heaven(2013)이 있으며, 이 프로젝트와 작품들은 금호아트홀과 전국의 공연장 뿐만 아니라 다년간에 걸쳐 뉴욕 카네기홀과 빈 무직페라인을 비롯하여 미주 및 유럽 투어를 통해 공연 및 연주되었다. 2020년에 재영 피아니스트 고은이와 함께 The Pathway의 방향을 새롭게 재설정하였고, 현재 서울과 런던 두 도시를 중심으로 프로젝트를 진행하고 있다. 

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Project I. Comfort, comfort my people

2008. 11.7. Founded and first concert at Kumho Art Hall, Seoul

           11.11. Seoul National University Tuesday Concert

           11.19. Eunpyung Methodist Church Concert

           11.22. Handong University and Youngduk-eup Church Concerts 

Artists : Jihye Chang, Jonghwa Park, Eun-E Goh(pf), Benjamin Sung(vn),

Hyungon Kim(cl), Jongjin Hong(vc), Shinuh Lee(comp) 

Project II. The Christmas Letters

2009. 8. The Pathway Concert Series 2008 Album Release

           12.15. Kumho Art Hall Concert

           12.17. Sanjunghyun Church Concert

           12.22. Yeneung Church Concert

Artists : Benjamin Sung(vn), Hyungon Kim(cl), Sinae Kim(vc), Jihye Chang,

Eun-E Goh(pf), Hyunmin Kim, Sirin Nah, Shinuh Lee(comp)

Project III. Earth and Heaven

2012-14. US and Europe Concert Tour 

               Rutgers, Rider, Wisconsin, Munich University (Selected Works)

2014. 11.2. The Wiener Musikverein (Selected Works)

2014. 12.18. Carnegie Weill Hall 

2014.  Dux Album Release 

Artists : Hyojung Huh(pf), Shinuh Lee(comp)


Project IV. De Profundis

2021. 12. 10. Two Sony Album Release

                      Violin Album <Till Dawn> & Cello Album <Death and Offering>

                      A Short Documentary Video Online Premiere

2023. 12. 12. SAC IBK Chamber Hall _<Death and Offering> Promo Concert

Artists : Stephen Kim(vn), James Kim(vc), Youngsung Park, Ilya Rashkovskiy(pf),  Shinuh Lee(comp)

Project V. Poem for Moon Jar

2023. 2. 25. The Angela Burgess Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London

2023. 3. 2. Collect, Somerset House, London

Artists : Hwayoon Lee(va), Eun-E Goh(pf), Shinuh Lee(comp) 

Co-presented by the Korean Cultural Centre UK & Han Collection

Project VI. Hymn Transcription

2024-25 Album Recording

Artists : Hwayoon Lee(va), James Kim(vc), Eun-E Goh(pf), Shinuh Lee(comp)_More Artists TBA

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